Holly Dunham

Artists Statement

Holly Dunham is a professional artist living and painting in the surrounding countryside near Bristol.  Her dramatic skies,  endless seascapes and canvases full of floral meadows, celebrate natures unlimited energy and beauty.  Holly is often lost in the process of painting, entering a meditative state, moving with tone, texture and the natural movements of the paint and how it wants to guide her. She works instinctively allowing the image to evolve and the paint to generate tones of its own.


Canvases filled with colour, vibrant colourful flowers and atmospheric skies. Holly is  romantic, a dreamer and a believer. She endeavours to inspire, to ease, bring joy and to transport the viewer to a place of peace and mindfulness.

Colour and texture play a huge role in what Holly Dunham creates; pallet knife, sponge, brush and finger all playing a part in the creation of her works. Her palette is generated by mood, embracing what is in her head and also what is in reality. Often a dance between both.

Primarily working in acrylic paint her canvas’s provides her with a exploration for her emotions and often an outlet to just ‘let it be’. Her paintings capture moments, memories and celebrations of nature, encouraging the senses to come alight and form a deep connection with earths gifts.



07969 382 950